Mercedes-Benz Arocs Construction Truck

Combining Power, Robustness and Efficiency in a unique way, The Arocs continues the 110 year old tradition of Mercedes-Benz construction industry vehicles and takes it into the future with innovative, future-oriented technology.

Designed from the ground up to provide a reliable, high-torque, flexible drive configuration to suit the construction industry down to the ground. That too is where it puts this power - to the ground, with frame and suspension configurations designed to work both on and off road. A robust design is not all that Arocs provides though - Efficiency in operation, through high payloads, outstanding reliability and low running costs is key to making the Arocs economical to use every day.

Add to this mix a range of configurations and options to meet the needs of every operator and you have an enviable package. In short: the Arocs delivers everything that working life demands of it.



For Extreme Conditions. Arocs Grounder.

Whether it’s the terrain or the load that is extreme, the Arocs Grounder is up to the job, offering higher design weights, more ground clearance and more traction.

With a flexible reinforced chassis made of cold formed, high strength 9 mm steel, reinforced anti-roll bars, and a choice of high strength steel suspension setups, the Arocs is designed to perform off road, whilst coping with the loads imposed by heavy loads. A wide choice of heavy duty axles adds to this – with axle loads up to 9t on front axles and 16t on rear axles available. All Wheel Drive versions are also on offer, and as standard the design weight of the truck is higher - up to 41t on 8x4, 8x6 and 8x8 versions, with options to increase this even higher if required.

The Grounder offers much more than this, as the basis for all extreme duty chassis – whether being fitted with very large loading cranes, concrete pumps, excavation equipment or even as a Heavy Haulage tractor unit, the Arocs Grounder takes it in its stride.

Maximum Payload. Arocs Loader.

Higher payload means higher efficiency. The standard models, whether Tractor unit, Rigid Chassis, Tipper or Concrete mixer all offer excellent payloads with a high level of robustness, configurability and outstanding comfort. 

For the times when every kilo counts, Arocs offers some additional models, built to give the absolute maximum payload. As an 8x4 Concrete mixer chassis or a 4x2 Tractor unit, the Arocs Loader provides a combination of equipment that can be even more profitable. Single tyres on the drive axle (where legislation permits) and weight optimised components from the windscreen to the battery cables all contribute to the low kerb weight, without compromising the application-matched durability.

In these two configurations, the Loader model is available with 7.7L or 10.7L engines up to 315kW (428hp), with 8- or 12-speed Mercedes PowerShift 3 transmissions and aluminium rims as standard. The flexibility to change the configuration is all yours – Why not speak to your local Mercedes-Benz dealer for more information?

The new force in heavy haulage.

Special transport calls for special vehicles. That’s where the Arocs SLT comes in - a range of tractive units designed and built for operation up to 250 tonnes.

From first sight and for a very long time to come, the new cabs offer the living and working comfort required in heavy haulage. Powerful, reliable Euro VI engines up to 460 kW (625 hp) and 3000 Nm, Mercedes PowerShift 3 16-speed automated transmission and the unique Turbo Retarder Clutch give a drive system that is extremely resilient and provide the exceptionally fine control of the power you need. For more information on the wear-free Turbo Retarder Clutch, follow the link below.

Available ex-factory with steel suspension as a 3 axle 6x4 or 6x6, and with 4 axles as 8x4, 8x6 or 8x8 configurations, the Arocs SLT is complemented by 6x4 and 8x4 versions of the Actros SLT with air suspension. Regardless of model, the chassis is particularly robust, and a wide choice of suspension and axles to transfer the power to the road with total precision, under all conditions. All models are available with a huge and varied range of equipment to ensure the flexibility to perfectly configure a vehicle for any application. Front and rear couplings, a range of heavy duty fifth wheels, trailer hydraulics and ballast platforms are just a few examples of the equipment available ex-factory.

We understand that heavy haulage is not a one size fits all business, so to find out more and to get a truck configured to a specification that suits your business, please contact your local Mercedes-Benz Dealer.

For more information on the Arocs SLT and Actros SLT models, a brochure is available for download below.

Climb aboard and experience the new force in heavy haulage.

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