Mercedes-Benz Atego - Cabs

A choice of four cabs are specifically designed for the new Atego and are available dependant on the vehicle model. The S-Cab ClassicSpace and S-Cab ClassicSpace with extended rear panel are characterised by easy access, compact exterior dimensions and excellent visibility. The standard roof height allows for easy access to tight locations, whilst providing an excellent working environment for distribution work. These cabs are also available with the option of a centre seat.

Where more space is required, the L-Cab ClassicSpace and L-Cab BigSpace cabs are available, providing one or two beds, increased storage space and the option of additional seating with the seat bunk combination. A crew cab is also available by special request. 


  Dimensions Availability
Exterior Width Exterior Length
Interior Width
Interior Height - L nR LnR A K AK LS KO LKO F AF
Cab Length Roof
S-Cab Classic Space 2295 1650 2000 1510 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
S-Cab Extended Classic Space 2295 1830 2000 1510 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y       Y Y
L-Cab Classic Space 2295 2250 2000 1510 Y Y Y Y Y     Y     Y Y
L-Cab Big Space 2295 2250 2000 1910 Y Y Y Y Y     Y        

Paint Zones


Cab Paint





    Grille   Bumper




Air deflector   Detachable cab parts painted for fire brigade vehicle
Bumper, mudguards and entrance step only possible
on F and AF chassis with paint code 9678 - Pure White


Additional paint codes:






Chassis: Note that wheel hubs and fuel tank straps remain in MB7350 nova grey 


Platform or tipper body painting
Only with factory supplied body


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