Mercedes-Benz Atego Gearbox

PowerShift 3

As standard, the new Atego offers Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmissions. In short, more comfort, slick shifting, efficient power transmission and better handling – now available for all weight categories and power ratings.

Fast shift times come as standard, but the features that make PowerShift 3 the automatic choice include a manoeuvring mode, automatic holding of gears downhill, rocking mode to free a stuck truck, EcoRoll to save fuel when heading downhill, and the choice of switching between three normal driving modes on every truck – even on the move.

The gearboxes are available with several modes that can be ordered to suit the application – Economy mode for the very best fuel consumption, and optionally with Power mode or Off-Road mode, to give a more dynamic drive over challenging terrain or at high weights. In addition, Fire mode gives an exceptionally dynamic response for the maximum performance when every second counts.

Available as 6- or 8-speed versions, the Mercedes PowerShift 3 Transmission is operated simply with the right hand column stalk and makes it easy to select a new Atego that offers outstanding efficiency and exceptional driving comfort.

Manual Gearshift

Although Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmissions are fitted as standard to all new Atego models, there is a range of 6- and 9-speed manual gearboxes available. For operators that prefer a manual shift, they are tuned to provide virtually loss-free power transmission. The lever is mounted on the dashboard in all cases, linked to the gearbox with cables and power assistance – making gear changing smooth and precise.

For road sweeper applications, the 9-speed ZF 9S-1115 manual is available. The extremely short-ratio crawler gear used here gives the new Atego outstanding slow speed performance. For this sort of application, the new Atego can also be ordered ex-factory with a special road-sweeper package, specifically put together to make the bodybuilding process easy.

Allison Automatic

Automatic gearboxes with torque converter from Allison are available on certain models and are invaluable for specialist applications such as road sweepers, refuse collection and fire brigade vehicles.

Available with or without an integral retarder, these gearboxes offer simple operation and reduced wear in challenging applications. For more information on these gearboxes, please contact your local Mercedes-Benz dealer.


The new Atego offers a wide variety of axles to suit your application down to the ground.

Front Axles

The axles available on the new Atego depend on the weight category, but ratings from 4.1 to 6.0t are fitted as standard, providing excellent load capacity and flexibility without compromising payload. Both driven and non-driven versions are available, allowing for all wheel drive where required.

Rear Axles

A wide range of application focussed high efficiency hypoid rear axles is available across the new Atego range from 6.2t to 11.0t capacity, dependant on model. Differential locks are fitted as standard to all tipper and all-wheel drive models.

All Wheel Drive

When extra traction is needed, the new Atego offers all-wheel drive models to suit – 10.5t to 15t 4x4 models offer a light weight switchable transfer box as well as permanent all-wheel drive for more challenging applications.


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