Mercedes-Benz Atego Safety & Economy

Stability Control Assist

Standard fitment across all 4x2 new Atego models, Stability Control Assist helps to maintain driving stability of the truck in potentially dangerous driving situations such as skidding or swerving. The system acts to redress the balance by adjusting the truck’s power supply and braking. Through systematic adjustment of the engine torque, precisely metered braking for the prime mover and trailer, the system is there to help drivers avoid dangerous situations. 

Combined with an alert and careful driving style, Stability Control Assist can make a significant difference to safety for both vehicles and personnel.

Driver's Airbag

Available on many new Atego models as an optional extra with a seatbelt tensioner, the driver’s airbag is activated by collision sensors only if the impact is severe enough to require it. In conjunction with a properly worn seatbelt, the driver’s airbag can reduce the severity of injuries in the event of an accident.

Eco Systems - FleetBoard Eco Support

Standard on all models of new Atego with Mercedes PowerShift or Manual gearboxes, FleetBoard® EcoSupport provides instant interactive driver feedback through the dashboard display and complements the provision of FleetBoard® telematics on the vehicle. The system analyses the driving style and offers tips on driving in an economical style.


FleetBoard® measures the performance of both truck and driver on every journey by way of a grading system. The grade awarded reflects driver behaviour in key areas such as braking, harsh acceleration, anticipating the road ahead, gear changing etc. and can also identify use of cruise control and excessive idling. 

The FleetBoard® system helps fleets to manage their drivers more effectively by measuring and reporting key data. The system frequently highlights situations where poor driving results in poor fuel consumption. The fuel saving calculator, located on the FleetBoard® website, assists to identify potential savings that can be made in a fleet. Fill in the key data for your fleet, press calculate and the calculator will reveal how much you can save for your entire fleet over the term of vehicle ownership.

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