Mercedes-Benz Econic Chassis

Wheel Configurations

The chart below shows the standard Axle configurations available on the Econic. These are available in both left and right hand drive to suit your application In addition, our Custom Tailored Trucks (CTT) service can provide vehicles to special order in even more configurations to suit your application precisely.


Rigid/Drawbar Tractor


Thanks to the low frame air suspension, the Econic boasts great stability. For bodies with very high centres of gravity, reinforced anti-roll bars are available.. Despite the additional weight of Euro VI components, the Econic has been able to retain its payload by optimising the weight of the vehicles construction. This makes the Econic the perfect partner for a variety of tasks and sectors. 

The Econic comes standard with air suspension all round. This enables individual setting of cab entry level, frame height and ground clearance, providing the ideal basis for a wide range of bodies as well as a smooth and stable ride and easy access to steep areas. The range of adjustment is lowering of 60 mm and raising of up to 200 mm.

The low frame of the Econic is ideal for body builders with all attachments located below the frames top edge. This ensures planning freedom without fighting for space. A hole pattern at 50 mm intervals along the frame’s longitudinal members enables customised and economical body solutions with fast and cost-effective fitting. The rear cross member is bolted and easy to remove and re-fit, with wiring looms having a built-in extension capability.

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