Mercedes-Benz Econic Engines

Euro VI Options

The Econic is available with a choice of extremely fuel efficient Euro VI engines, with power outputs of 220kW (299hp) or 260kW (354hp). With fuel consumption reductions of up to 4%, and AdBlue consumption up to 40% lower, the engines are designed from the ground up for economy, as well as offering the cleanliness demanded by our – and your customers. Massively reduced particulate and NOx emissions are standard – as is lower CO2.

Coming soon to Econic, gas powered versions for even lower emissions.

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An Allison 6-speed automatic transmission with new Eco-software is fitted to the Econic as standard. Providing smooth, efficient power transmission and a comfortable shift, the transmission is invaluable for specialist applications such as refuse collection or fire brigade vehicles. Wear-free starting, low speed creep ability, lock-up clutch for excellent fuel consumption and high torque PTOs are all critical requirements, and the Allison gearbox meets them all.

Touch button gearshift provides simple operation, and the optional integrated retarder provides for wear free braking in challenging applications, increasing safety and reducing maintenance.


The Econic’s dropped beam front axle offers an 8.0t load capacity and is fitted with powerful disc brakes as standard as well as air suspension, providing excellent carrying capacity and precise steering. 

The rear axle is a 13 tonne hub reduction axle, standard-fitted with disc brakes and differential lock, with a small crown wheel to provide exceptional ground clearance. 

Electro-hydraulically controlled steered and relievable trailing and leading axles complete the lineup, offering increased loading capacity and increased manoeuvrability without compromising traction.

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