Fuso Canter

Efficiency through Innovation

The new Canter – complete with a smart new design and as efficient as ever – is at your service.

Key innovations include DUONIC®, the world’s first dual-clutch automated transmission for light trucks. An optimised powertrain sharply reduces fuel consumption while guaranteeing an even safer, smoother drive. Further improvements have been made to the suspension too. The thoroughly remodelled frame now supports an even bigger payload and is readily compatible with a wide range of bodies. Independent suspension is another feature of the new 3.5t Canter.

The bottom line? Greater efficiency and a smoother ride at every turn.

Solutions for every industry

The new Canter is a solid platform for your business performance, not only in the construction industry. It is efficient, comfortable and versatile. Thanks to three weight classes (3.5t, 7.5t and 8.55t), two different cab types, three engine sizes and six different wheelbases (from 2,500 to 4,750 mm), you will find the right model for every application. The new frame design supports all kinds of body solutions – not to mention a heavy payload – in all models. The new Canter – tailored to serve your needs.



Canter bodystyles/weights

Model GVW (t) GCW (t) Engine (kW) Cab Type Cab Layout (seats) Wheelbase (mm)

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3.5t Segme Canter Crew Cabs
3C13 (D) 3.5 7 96 Comfort S:3  D:6 2,500 / 2,800 / 3,400 / 3,850 Manual
3C15 (D) 3.5 7 110 Comfort S:3  D:6 2,500 / 2,800 / 3,400 / 3,850 Auto/Duonic
7.5t Segment  
7C15 (D) 7.5 11 110 Comfort S:3  D:7 2,800/3,400/3,850/4,300/4,750 Manual
7C18 (D) 7.5 11 129 Comfort S:3  D:7 3,400 / 3,850 / 4,300 / 4,750 Auto/Duonic
8.55t Segment  
9C15 8.55 12.05 110 Comfort S:3 3,400 / 3,850 / 4,300 Auto/Duonic
9C18 8.55 12.05 129 Comfort S:3 3,400 / 3,850 / 4,300 / 4,750  
Canter 4x4 (Click here for more information)  
6C18 (D) 6.5 10 129 Comfort S:3  D:7 3,415 / 3,865 Manual/Duonic
Canter Eco Hybrid (Click Here for more information)  
6C15 (EH) 7.5 11 110 Comfort S:3 3,400 / 3,850 Auto/Duonic


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