Mercedes-Benz Citan Safety

Mercedes-Benz Citan Safety Equipment

Citan Safety

Extensive safety equipment.

The Citan also leads the way when it comes to safety: fitted with ADAPTIVE ESP® (Electronic Stability Program), Brake Assist and ABS as standard, it impresses with its short stopping distances and good response in the wet.

Daytime running lamps and front fog lamps

The Citan is fitted with automatic daytime running lamps as standard.  The optional halogen front fog lamps give the driver better vision in fog.

Automatic hazard warning lamp activation upon emergency braking.

During emergency braking, the automatic hazard warning function, provided as standard, increases active safety in hazardous situations. If the driver initiates hard braking, the vehicle's hazard warning lights are switched on automatically.

Acoustic reversing aid with parking distance sensor.

The optional acoustic reversing aid with distance sensor makes very precise manoeuvring possible, facilitates parking and helps to avoid vehicle damage. The system, which operates on the echo sounding principle, warns the driver automatically when it recognises that space is becoming tight behind the vehicle. The warning is by means of an acoustic signal that gets louder as the distance to the obstacle decreases.

Electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors.

The standard heated exterior mirrors on both the driver's and co-driver's side are electrically adjustable and can be folded in. The exterior mirrors fold in parallel to the side of the vehicle. The exterior mirror heating prevents the exterior mirrors from misting up or freezing over in cold or damp weather. The exterior mirrors are operated electrically by a rotary switch located in the armrest of the driver's door.

Light and rain sensor: for the best possible view

The light and rain sensor, available as an option, automatically modifies the lights and the wiper frequency to the light conditions and to the weather. As dusk is falling, or when entering a tunnel, the vehicle lighting switches on automatically. The sensor also detects precipitation on the windscreen, activates the wipers, and even adjusts the wiping speed to the intensity of the rain.


The Citan gets you there safely

As with every Mercedes-Benz, advanced and extensive safety equipment is a given with the Citan panel van, too. Fitted with ADAPTIVE ESP® Electronic Stability Program, Brake Assist and ABS as standard, the short braking distance and good response in wet conditions are impressive.

ADAPTIVE ESP®. Precise braking in dangerous situations

ADAPTIVE ESP® is an innovative handling dynamics control system, which also takes the vehicle load into account. The Electronic Stability Program supports you in critical driving conditions by improving the vehicle's directional stability. It actively intervenes in certain dangerous driving situations - such as impending risk of skidding - by applying a specific braking force to individual wheels and adjusts the engine power output to suit the situation. 

As well as aiding directional stability, ADAPTIVE ESP® combines the functions of the anti-lock braking system (ABS), acceleration skid control (ASR), electronic brake force distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BAS) and the optional Start-off Assist system (AAS).What's more, the latest version of ESP includes applying the brake pads in hazardous situations and drying the brake discs in wet conditions.

ASR acceleration skid control helps prevent wheel spin.

When accelerating sharply to move off, or accelerating suddenly on a wet or loose surface: In the Citan panel van the ASR acceleration skid control system prevents one or more wheels from going into a spin and the vehicle from skidding. 

If a sudden increase in the rotational speed (slip) of one of the drive wheels is detected, ASR intervenes in the engine management, cuts engine power and applies the brake to stop the wheel spinning. The system allows drivers to pull away and accelerate smoothly without wheel spin or fishtailing, resulting in superior traction and therefore safety, particularly on roads that are slippery or offer different levels of grip.

Electronic brake force distribution (EBD) prevents overbraking

Electronic brake force distribution (EBD) proportions the braking force between the front and rear wheels as required by the situation, in order to optimise braking efficiency. This prevents the rear wheels "overbraking" and causing the vehicle to swerve. In addition, the system reduces the burden on the front brakes. This reduces "fading", the loss of full braking effect under too high a thermal load.

BAS Brake Assist. Prepares for emergency braking

Our research engineers found out that drivers apply the brakes too hesitantly during emergency braking. A rationale which led to the development of the Brake Assist system. From the speed at which the brake pedal is depressed, the system can detect a situation where emergency braking is required. In such a situation the system automatically increases braking power, aided by the ABS anti-lock braking system which prevents the wheels from locking up.

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