Fuel Savings


FleetBoard stands for telematics-based vehicle, driver and transport management which contributes to greater cost-effectiveness. At the same time, FleetBoard forms the basis of a large number of services which increase efficiency and therefore ensures that you are able to operate even more efficiently and cost-effectively.

FleetBoard. These are telematics-based internet services which are central to leading-edge vehicle, fleet and transport management and which can enhance the cost-effectiveness of your fleet in various ways. They are based on the FleetBoard TiiRec hardware which is installed in the Actros as standard.

FleetBoard Transport Management. FleetBoard Transport Management stands for greater efficiency in logistics processes and can be integrated flexibly in a company’s own dispatching and ERP system. The DispoPilot.guide supports efficient communications, transparent processes and the easy exchange of information between driver and headquarters.




FleetBoard Time Management. FleetBoard Time Management ensures that you can always keep track of your drivers’ driving time and rest periods – an ideal basis for optimal resource and trip planning. Furthermore, you comply with all the statutory regulations regarding the archiving of driving times and rest periods – in fact, this practically takes care of itself. This saves money and reduces administrative effort.

FleetBoard App. With the FleetBoard app1) for iPhone® and iPad® as well as for Android devices you are kept informed wherever you may be about whether the journeys are running according to schedule or if measures need to be taken at short notice – including at night in case of emergency.


Advantages at a glace:

  • FleetBoard TiiRec2) vehicle computer
  • FleetBoard Logistics Management for efficient logistics processes
  • FleetBoard Time Management for optimal resource and trip planning as well as easy compliance with statutory regulations and reduction of the documentation workload
  • FleetBoard app1) for mobile access to the fleet

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